Friday, March 23, 2018

This is what the Republican challenger for GA-07 thinks about Independents…

Apparently, he thinks we aren’t “qualified” to participate in political discourse.

When he replied with “How many signatures do you have to date?” after I kinda-sorta spanked his hiney, I laugh-spit a swig of coffee on my desk and was tempted to respond with “Um, say what?!? Surely you’re not turning this into a ‘mine is bigger than yours’ kind of thing?”

Then to further demonstrate his disdain toward an Independent, he didn’t delete this thread! (Well, as of this writing he hadn’t yet deleted it.) I guess he figures that he showed his supporters how he put me in my proper place. If this is how he thinks he can win debates, well, I sure feel sorry for him when he goes up against the incumbent in next month’s Republican Debate – Thursday, March 29 at 7:30 p.m. in Cumming. (I’ll be there, by the way, as an observer. I’m curious to know if either Shane Hazel or Rob Woodall will take one of my UNSCRIPTED questions. I’ll be the relaxed one – ball cap and blue jeans – probably in the back row, unless they recognize me and throw me out. If I’m allowed to stay, I’ll be posting my Hollywood-style review of the event the next day, so stay tuned!)

One of the Democrat candidates likewise appears to have similar aloofness toward the Independents among us. I took the opportunity to meet Kathleen Allen at one of her recent well-publicized events (that was attended by four other people; well, five if you count her assistant with the clipboard). I spoke to Kathleen privately as the others made their way to the reserved table in the rear of the restaurant. I wanted to give her some friendly advice along the lines of the “pride goeth before destruction” lesson my Mom taught me when I was a child. When I handed her my card, she immediately went into stump speech mode to tell me all about her 3-plank platform. (That’s it? Only 3? *eye roll*)

The brief exchange, very brief, seemed very weird to me. When I suggested that her platform appears to be a carbon copy of some of the DNC and Democrat leadership talking points, she told me, quite emphatically, that “NO one from Washington has been talking to me!!” (Well, DAH!! No one from Washington will be talking to her unless she wins the Primary!) Then, when I asked her how her liberal California progressive point of view is going to fly in an overwhelmingly traditionally very conservative Georgia district, she told me, quite boldly, that her “constituents” want change and that Georgia’s 7th is “flippable.” Oh, and this part made me choke a wee bit so I wouldn’t laugh out loud: She said, “I’m an honest person!!” (Another *eye roll* as I recall what I recently remarked on my Facebook page: Honest people don’t have to say they’re honest because honesty is obvious.)

How honest is it to call herself “The First Choice” for voters in GA-07? How honest is it to post her image of being the center of attention in a large crowd (where nobody appears to be paying any attention to her) in a pathetic attempt to show that she is so popular and important? (I think she thinks her very tiny ripple is that Big Blue Wave we’ve been hearing about.) How honest is it to come out after the Parkland school shooting and DECLARE she won’t accept donations or support from the NRA when she knows that as a Democrat running for Congress she would likely never get offers of support or donations from the NRA? (I wonder if she knows how many Democrats in our district not only own guns and support the Second Amendment but are also members of the NRA – a point I made in response to her Facebook post on the subject, that she deleted.) How honest is it to say she’s “representing our values” when clearly, she seems to be at odds with our Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms and our First Amendment right to peaceably assemble with the NRA, and the FACT that the United States of America is not and never will be a socialist society – “values” we here in Georgia will never stop clinging to.

I would’ve asked her those questions but before I could say anything else, she scolded me by saying, “I’m not going to argue with you!” then stomped off to meet and greet the four who came to hear her speak. (More likely, and probably unbeknownst to them, to get her sales pitch designed to get more of those precious contributions. I wonder how many t-shirts and “swag” she sold that day.)

Even though both are at the bottom of their respective parties’ lists of candidates’ contributions and cash on hand, Shane and Kathleen seem to think they are the front-runners for their respective Primaries. Not just that, but Kathleen seems arrogantly convinced that she’ll be her party’s nominee…

… yet neither of them will debate me. (Like that President’s Day Candidates Forum last month to which I wasn’t invited… I wonder, what are they afraid of?) In all fairness, I really shouldn’t criticize them for their lower levels of fundraising and cash on hand. Both have raised, spent, and have on hand significantly more than me… but I’m still self-funding my campaign, and I’m not selling geedunk and propaganda.

Anyways, this kind of “politicians-as-usual” nonsense really bothers me, and these two candidates are just more proof to believe that “For them, it’s all about politics.” I think they, or any candidate who truly believes in their platforms, should be willing, and able, to defend their positions any time against anyone. As for me, the Independent, I’ll never have a problem going into “The Danger Zone.”

Just sayin’. 😊

(I still get goosebumps seeing the flight deck of one of my "homes away from home")