Sunday, March 4, 2018

The Difference Between Democrats and Republicans...

When I talk to people across our District, as I’ve been doing for nearly a year, I don’t ask if they’re Democrat, or Republican, or even if they’re Independent. I simply introduce myself and say that I am an Independent, and wa-la! wonderful conversations just happen! And, remarkably, of all the people I’ve met and talked with since I started campaigning, not a single person has disagreed with me; no one hasn’t been able to wrap his or her head around my simple, common-sense platform of Congressional reform, to include term limits and reductions in compensation, and a more limited Federal government - stricter interpretations of states’ rights as described in the Tenth Amendment.

When I’m finished speaking with someone or a group of people, I still don’t know who were Democrats or Republicans or Independents. Party affiliation never comes up in conversations. And that just goes to show me that here in Georgia’s Seventh District, and likely all across America, away from the elitist big mouths, there is no difference between registered Democrats and Republicans (or even us Independents).

Regardless of our political labels, from Cumming to Snellville and from Dacula to Peachtree Corners, and everywhere in between, we’re friends, neighbors, colleagues and customers… and we get along just fine with each other without the polarizing noise the elite Dems and GOP “leaders” relentlessly try to push on to us, including the most annoying aspect of it all when those “leaders” and their lock-step lackeys tell us they’re “working hard for the American people.”

No, they’re not.

Think about it… how do they even know what the American people really want or believe in when they don’t even ask us? For example, when was the last time our Republican Congressman had a REAL Town Hall meeting about any proposed legislation before the House? Do you really think he listens to the Democrats and Independents in this District? For that matter, does he even bother to ask his fellow Republicans here how they feel about something before he joins the other Republicans in The House to vote for a Republican-led initiative? I’m going out on a limb here, but I’m pretty sure the answer to these is “Never” or at best, “Hardly ever.” Does that sound like he is “working hard” for us? Does that sound like he is “serving” us? He’s serving the elite Republican party and elite Republican special interests. I’d bet people in most districts across the country could describe the same scenario. Make no mistake, members of Congress are not “serving” and “working hard for the American people.”

They think they’re smarter than you to know how to spend your money and live your lives. They’re counting on you to blindly trust them to be stewards of our Democracy when in fact they have assumed the role of masters over it. They’re counting on you to be too stupid to know that they’re pulling the wool over your eyes while they feed their own sick greed for power, influence, and wealth.

And in an election cycle, they count on you to just swallow whatever party-line propaganda they’ve been told to sell you (that your donations are buying) just so you’ll vote for them, so they can ignore you after the election and jump on that D.C. gravy train. They act like celebrities while they campaign and expect you all to roll out the red carpet for them when they show up. (And once elected, they demand all that “With all due respect” nonsense. You’ll be expected to call them “The Honorable” or “Congressman” or “Congresswoman.” As far as I’m concerned, respect isn’t something due; it is something earned. And “Toddy” is and will always be just fine for me because I don’t like standing on pedestals.)

So how can any reasonable person expect that electing another major party candidate, or re-electing Rob Woodall, is going to change that dynamic? It’s not. Why? Because Congress knows we’ve lost sight of the bigger picture in America. They know that we’ve forgotten that the role of Congress is to literally represent the Will of The People. They expect you to believe that your only input into how government works is on Election Day.

Maybe it’s time to let go of the two-party system of politics. There’s a lot more that unites us as Americans than there are partisan political fights that try to divide us. Maybe it’s time to send an Independent to Washington; someone who won’t let your voices go unnoticed. ALL your voices, Democrat or Republican or Independent or other third-party voices deserve to be heard. Maybe it’s time for us to smile on each other and get together…