Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Presidents' Day Candidate Forum - Duluth - 2/19

What were they afraid of? There was a “Presidents’ Day Candidate Forum” in Duluth, Monday Feb 19th; the sponsors said it was a chance to meet the candidates. From what I could tell by the Facebook posts, Rob Woodall wasn’t there but his Republican challenger was, along with four of the Democrat candidates. Five candidates total. Five participants that didn’t include me, the Independent, because I wasn't invited. I wonder why…

Could it have been because the major-party candidates didn’t want “the packed house” to know there is another choice in this election cycle? Could it be that they didn’t want an Independent to thoroughly debunk all their political rhetoric? Or maybe it was because of something rather simple: pride. Maybe the major party candidates are just so full of themselves and the status-quo politics-as-usual nonsense that the thought of an Independent being a serious contender is something they just think could never happen here.

I reckon I shouldn’t feel insulted that I wasn’t invited, and really, I’m not. And the outcome, if any, of the “Forum” doesn’t really matter from where I am. After all, the major party candidates are under a lot of stress now because they each know they have only three months to convince you, by any means they deem necessary, that they as individuals are your best choice for their respective party’s nomination.

Me? Well, as an Independent, I’ve got a lot of time between now and November 6th to make my case. There’s lots of time for you to get to know me better and decide whether you want another party-line lockstep lackey who will ignore you after the election, or me, one who will give you back the power that’s always been yours.

While most of the candidates who mentioned the Forum on their Facebook pages were humble and gracious, there was one candidate’s post that I found rather disturbing. He hasn’t, as of this writing, posted a re-cap of the event, but did post a preview the day before:

Shane Hazel (the Republican challenger) wrote this: “Tonight Shane will be the only candidate on stage consistently advocating for liberty, peace, free markets & the Constitution.”

Seeing that made me angry. Raised blood pressure kind of angry.

Is he kidding?!? What an arrogant and conceitful thing to say! Is he suggesting that he and he alone holds the monopoly on American values? Is he suggesting that the other candidates, even me, are un-American? Traitors to our Country? And what’s he suggesting about those of you who support the other candidates (even me) and aren’t falling for his “Mr. Big Stuff” rhetoric?

Yep, as I’ve warned before, “Pride goeth before destruction.” Shane Hazel’s preview post of the Forum put a face on that Bible passage.

What’s next for Mr. Hazel? More of what appears to be a “smear and fear” campaign? More nasty “RINO” posts about Rob Woodall? His negative ads saturating our prime-time television viewing in the weeks before the Primary? For someone who claims that he isn’t a politician, he sure is looking more and more like one. Like the duck analogy - if it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it’s a duck.

There’s going to be a Republican Candidate Debate in Cumming next month; Rob Woodall is supposed to be there. I think I’ll go… maybe to be the referee, or to just keep them honest. Well, at least try to keep them honest.