Monday, February 19, 2018

How about some REAL Town Halls and Listening Sessions?

Let’s have some REAL Town Hall Meetings… so you can start getting to know me!

My Daddy often told me, “Anything worthwhile is worth doing right.” And he was right more times than I can remember. What I’m doing now as a precursor to what I hope to do later is very worthwhile; I believe that on a very deep level. Actually, this is probably the most worthwhile of everything I’ve ever done in my life.

I'll never claim to know all the answers, or even the right answers right now, but I will always seek the right answers to add to my collection of knowledge. That’s possible only when we talk to each other and put aside our biases and listen to each other. It is only when we communicate effectively like that - sharing our knowledge, our ideas, and our experiences - do we learn from each other.

And I'll never say that I'm a "leader" because that implies that I think I'm better than you, or more capable to solve the problems that face us. Instead, I will ask only to walk beside you as an equal in order that we can solve the problems together.

I’m retired so I’ve got all the time you need. Anytime, anywhere… maybe I can even bring the donuts? So, let’s have a conversation! Let me start getting to know you as you begin to start getting to know me.