Monday, February 19, 2018

I must be doing something RIGHT...

... if one of the Democrats in Georgia’s 7th District race finds me worthy of poaching!

Who would a thunk it when I activated this blog last year that several months later the woman who is a “Proud Democrat” would declare that she is dedicated to “honest and empathetic representation of all constituents in Georgia’s 7th District.” (Not too different from my header that’s always been here – “to fairly, honestly, and LITERALLY represent EVERYONE in Georgia’s 7th District,” eh?) I’ve been noticing other similarities over the past few months that give me reason to believe that I’m on the right track. Who would a thunk it; me, the Independent, a serious contender in a traditional Democrat-Republican race where one of the Democrats seems to have taken a weird interest in what I say.

For example…

… when she finally got around to acknowledging there are 435 members in the House of Representatives long after my “Underdog” page. (Maybe she was just “explaining in advance” in case she gets elected and her campaign promises get broken.)

… that she's now emphasizing YOU like I've been doing on my Facebook page header since my page went live last summer. Likewise, her logo colors recently changed to what mine are on my Facebook page – blue name above red text. (I wonder when she’ll start using a script font for her name and saying “for YOU in Congress” like I do.)

… just this past week (2/17/2018) I noticed she edited her website’s [HOME] page to paraphrase what I’ve been saying all along: “And I promise, if I don’t know the answer to your question off the top of my head, I will research the answer and respond to you at my first opportunity,” she says.

I’ve said time and again (including my " Let's have some REAL Town Hall Meetings! " post that “I'll never claim to know all the answers, or even the right answers right now, but I will always seek the right answers to add to our collection of knowledge. That’s possible only when we listen and talk to each other and put aside our biases. It is only when we communicate effectively like that - sharing our knowledge, our ideas, and our experiences - do we learn from each other.” (Okay, not exactly what I say, but…) 

She also says she will “listen” to your concerns. No doubt she’ll “listen” if she’s elected, but not to you… she’ll be listening intently to what Nancy Pelosi tells her, that is if the liberal Congresswoman from San Francisco is re-elected and keeps her leadership position in the House. Kathleen Can! is already showing who she’s listening to as evidenced by one of her recent Facebook posts where she pledges to refuse donations and endorsements from the NRA. She’s certainly not “listening” to the thousands of gun owners and NRA members who live in our District. (Gee, I wonder if she’ll refuse donations from all those NRA members here that she says she’ll represent with “empathy.” I wonder if she even realizes that such liberal California identity politics won’t fly here in a traditionally conservative state! If she sticks to her gun-control like that, her opponents are surely going to embarrass her!)

What makes me literally laugh out loud is how she slams Rob Woodall - you know, our Republican incumbent. I’d think she’d be more concerned with winning the Democrat nomination first, and besides, there’s no guarantee that Rob Woodall will be the Republican nominee.  By the way, she seems so sure of winning the nomination that she shows the election date on her Facebook page as November 6, 2018. (FYI, the Primary is on May 22, 2018.)

Remember what I said about “Pride” on my “Principles Above Personalities” page? I think she's got some of those "pride" issues going on. Yep, Kathleen Can! Kathleen sure can poach the Independent’s blog and Facebook page and think that just because she’s a Democrat nobody will notice.

Moving on…

It’s also interesting to note, I think, that all the candidates seemed to rush to get videos on their websites after I placed videos here. Instead of poignant music, though, their videos are the typical self-promotion kind of stuff, so in all fairness I can’t say they really took pages out of my playbook regarding that idea. (I like to end my pages with music videos from YouTube that in my own way amplify my message. I’ve done that from the time this blog went live.)

Both Republicans share videos on their Facebook pages, and not to be out-done, Kathleen Can! also does that. (I suppose at some point down the road I will too, although I’ll likely do “live” broadcasts of Town Hall Meetings to enable more participation from folks who can’t attend.)

Of course, I’m really not spitting sour grapes. I’m actually rather amused. I think it’s funny that some of the major party candidates seem to find me, uh, interesting. In a way, a weird sort of way, I’m kind of flattered. But at the same time, and for a different reason, I’m angry. If they’re going to poach things from me and pass them off as their own “talking points,” what else will they shamelessly lie about to manipulate your emotions to vote for them? If I get the chance to debate any of them, I’ll ask them that, as a rhetorical question, before saying: “Do not underestimate the intelligence of the people of Georgia’s Seventh District. They deserve absolute honesty and transparency.”

So, stay tuned folks – a three-way race in our District could get interesting; even more so after May’s Primary. Considering the recent scandals rocking Congress, in both parties and in both chambers, and the very low Congressional Approval Rating, I’m beginning to find it plausible that the ultimate Democrat and Republican nominees might have a rough summer despite the mega-millions of dollars they raise and spend. What do you think?