Saturday, February 24, 2018

It’s NOT about the guns!

It’s NEVER about the guns.  And those who use a tragedy like the Parkland school shooting in Florida to re-ignite that worn out political debate about gun control and the NRA are simply lying to you in an effort to disguise their ulterior motive: to repeal our cherished Second Amendment.

Here are just some FACTS that the liberal elites aren’t considering:

Evil exists, and mental illness is very rarely evil. Mental illness is treatable; evil is not.

Evil people with guns kill people (because guns can’t pull their own triggers).

Evil people won’t obey gun control laws. Evil people don’t generally regard any law as enforceable. (Prohibition in the 1920s didn’t work either.)

An evil person hell bent on mass carnage can and probably will just end up getting a gun from an illegal source. (Even someone who is seriously mentally ill and has shown enough “red flags,” if desperate enough will probably find a gun to borrow or even steal.)

Gun-free zones will NEVER protect us. Gun-free zones will ALWAYS be invitations for cowardly terrorists and deranged people to commit such atrocious acts of violence and mass murder that we saw in Parkland and other schools and public places in recent memory.

(And let’s not forget that guns aren’t the only weapons an evil person will use in a massacre. Fertilizer is easily and legally purchased at a lot of places and diesel fuel is easily and legally purchased at just about every gas station… and background checks aren’t required to buy those ingredients to make explosive devices.)

Now, here are just some of the SECRETS the liberal elites absolutely don’t want you to know:

1.  According to the last Census, there are roughly 245 million adults aged 18 and over in the United States. Multiplying the adult population by the gun ownership rate gives us between 73 million and 81 million adult law-abiding gun owners in our Nation. Of those, there are only about 5 million NRA members. That’s about 6 or 7 percent of those adult law-abiding people who own guns.

It just stands to reason that of those tens of millions of gun owners in America, including the disproportionate number who are members of the NRA, that certainly the number of adult law-abiding people who own guns contain A LOT of Democrats, and it’s likely there are many Democrat members of the NRA. Therefore, it’s actually kind of stupid to keep preaching that the NRA owns the Republican Party or any conservative movement or candidate.

Villainizing the NRA for gun violence, whether a mass casualty situation or a single murder by gun, would be like blaming the automobile industry for the many more deaths associated with drunk driving.

2.  The same liberal elite politicians, members of special interest groups, certain Hollywood and media stars thoroughly enjoy their armed security details – bodyguards with guns; bodyguards who are likely members of the NRA.

3.  They also know that mental illness is only a very small part of gun violence. There are tens of millions of people in America who suffer from some form of mental illness, yet by overwhelming numbers, most people who suffer from mental illness are not at all prone to violence.

They like blaming mental illness, and using all the dirty little secrets they know, to accomplish one goal:


We need to face the facts. And paramount among those facts is that as long as evil people continue to walk among us, horrific violence will continue to happen. What happened in Parkland, Florida will happen somewhere else. It’s not a matter of “if” … it is a sobering matter of “when.”

Morality cannot be legislated, and evil will not obey law. The violence that we see all across America… the gangs of Chicago, Baltimore, and probably in every large city, even in Atlanta; MS-13 and other illegal immigrants who come here and commit all sorts of criminal acts, including mass murder, against American citizens and legal immigrants… None of this is going to stop any time soon despite the recent outcry over the “Valentine’s Day Massacre” at a Florida high school and the plethora of ideas since to prevent something like that from ever happening again.

Don’t get me wrong, prevention is a promising idea. Absolutely we should “harden soft targets” and be prepared for more offensive actions. We should loosen certain restrictions to enable tighter background checks. Certainly, we need to fix what was broken in all levels of law enforcement’s lack of identifying the red flags in the Parkland event so they are better able to act on future red flags before a likely shooter turns fantasy into reality.

But before the next mass shooting happens, we need to be thinking of deterrence alongside preventative measures. We need to make examples of those villains who don’t end up committing suicide as part of their grand schemes to control the news cycle for days or weeks.

And that starts with curbing or even eliminating the national media’s insatiable appetite to unwittingly glorify the shooters; to get the “scoop” before the other networks and cable outlets. Let the local law enforcement and FBI do their jobs without all the attention focused on them; let the families, survivors, and communities grieve.

What mostly comes out of national media attention to these events is what predictably always happens: the political debate over gun control and the NRA, and, more dangerously, the incentive for other would-be shooters to think they, too, will be famous for a while; to think that if they up the body count, they’ll be more famous.

A second deterrent to the violence of domestic mass casualty events is to call them what they really are – terrorism – because that is, in fact and by definition, what they are. When people are suddenly and without warning faced with the extreme fear of a brutal death, they are terrified. Survivors, if any, become terrified of it happening again, while living with the fear of uncertainty that they are safe. It’s not a leap to connect the two concepts since after all, the root word is the same.

Along those lines, living perpetrators should be treated as terrorists, whether an attack by multiple assailants or a “lone wolf” they should be immediately sent to Guantanamo Bay. Their cases should be adjudicated by a military tribunal because as we’ve come to learn, terrorists who commit this kind of violence on American soil are in fact enemy combatants – even those born here.

I rather think that if such people knew they would not be media sensations, and be stripped of ALL Constitutional rights, they might be less inclined to risk the consequences of incarceration in a military detention facility where they would likely be convicted of terrorism.

Just sayin’.