It's time to seek the RIGHT answers...

Surely the Founding Fathers could not have imagined what the United States of America would have evolved into nearly two and one-half centuries after they wrote The Constitution. But I’d bet that I’m among mega millions of Ordinary Americans, and indeed among the nearly 700,000 people of Georgia’s Seventh Congressional District, regardless of party affiliation, who believe that what we’ve been stuck with for so long isn’t even remotely close to what the Framers of our Democracy had in mind.

Career politicians from both sides of that aisle warn of a “Constitutional Crisis” if they don’t get their way, and I find that odd in a sad way. Those very same politicians, of yesterday and today, are the ones who have caused the Constitutional crisis I believe we’re in right now.

They’ve all sworn oaths to “support and defend The Constitution of The United States” before they take their seats, and yet they stomp all over The Constitution in their never-ending battles for power, influence, and wealth. Then they have the arrogance to invoke our name, The American People, to justify what they’re doing. How can two sides so opposed to each other both be “working hard for The American People.”

Maybe it’s time for us to wake up from this recurring two-party nightmare the elites keep telling us is “The American Dream.” The Constitution doesn’t require this two-party system, so why do we still use it? Well, because of that plurality stuff… “majority wins.” Does that seem fair and honest to you? Me neither. If the majority “wins” what does that make those in the minority? Losers? And do those in the majority rightly benefit at the minority’s expense? What exactly does the majority win and the minority lose? Our Representatives, after all, have all sworn oaths to protect and defend The Constitution of the United States that mandates they work for ALL of us.

The scary part of our nightmare is that the people we’ve trusted to be stewards of our Democracy have made themselves masters of it. We trusted them to fairly and honestly represent our interests, our ideologies, our Will, and yet it seems they are more concerned with willing their own interests and ideologies on us. While the Democrats continue to resist and obstruct initiatives from the other side of that aisle – just because those initiatives are coming from the other side of that aisle – the Republican incumbents are failing to put forth the initiatives they were hired to put forth on our behalf. Why? Because right now they are too focused on keeping their red seats and collecting more for their majority... so they can call themselves “winners.” How does any of that nonsense translate into “working hard for The American people” they all say they’re doing?

“A house divided against itself cannot stand,” as Abraham Lincoln once warned, could be a warning for us. The “house divided” now is Congress. The status-quo, politics-as-usual way doesn’t work anymore, and the collapse is imminent unless both parties come to grips with why they are in Congress. Taking Lincoln’s warning one step further, and even more frightening, the “house divided” can likely end up being us – We The People – when a thousand or more candidates hit the campaign trail soon with the same campaign rhetoric and empty promises they know they can’t keep individually, pitting us against each other to pick the next batch of red and blue seats in the United States House of Representatives. They’ll come; they’ll come to build a wall between us…

It is because of this looming house divided and the continuing very low Congressional Approval Rating that I am now an Independent candidate for Georgia’s Seventh District seat in the United States House of Representatives – “The People’s House,” as it is affectionately known. I believe in my soul that fair and honest representation is a Constitutional RIGHT and not the myth over which many of us agonize. I am certain the time has come, and indeed is long past due, for us to remind those who seek to trash our Constitutional process that those precious three words that started our Democracy so long ago have not and never will be replaced with “We The Party.” It's time to make the Congress of the United States an 'elite-free zone' and turn that danged aisle into what it was architecually designed to be - a passageway, not a wall between stubborn factions.

Do you, too, have the courage now to seek the right answers? I hope you do; I believe you do, and I surely want the chance to prove that "Heaven will let its light shine down" when we look for it to do so; when we diligently and without fear seek the right answers together. I could sure use your help now to get this done... pass the word, there IS another choice this time around!

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