Wednesday, April 4, 2018

When the walls come crumblin' down...

Two Republican candidates are fighting  to win that precious nomination on Tuesday (one has even started inviting folks to his Victory Party!) Democrat candidates are doing the same, although one seems to think she’s already won the nomination based on some weird statements on her Facebook page… not accepting a challenge to a “Lincoln-Douglas” style debate from the “fierce” Republican by asking for a “rain check” until after the primary, and trying some “smear and fear” stuff against the Republican incumbent.

Throughout the day on May 22nd, the walls between like-party candidates will start crumblin' down, and by May 23rd the losers of both parties will be “nicely” conceding and “throwing their support” behind the winners… “For the good of the party!” And THAT is the biggest betrayal of them all to you who voted for the candidates that didn’t win.

Does that make any sense to you? Me neither. The support a candidate gets in the run-up to the Primary isn’t really his or hers to throw. The support is people, and people aren’t objects to give away; especially without their consent. Besides, why would you vote for a candidate in November that for whatever reason you didn’t vote for in May?

And you can be sure that the “support” the losing candidates throw to the winners won’t include what’s left in their campaign’s bank accounts – they’ll just hang on to that for the next time or spend it on stuff that will be just barely legal under Federal campaign finance rules. Meanwhile, the winners whom you didn’t vote for will go on shamelessly begging for your CONTRIBUTIONS and DONATIONS “For the good of the party!”

May 23rd will be your wake-up call. That’s when you’ll know that you’ve been hood-winked all along into believing the false narrative that each of them will truly represent all of you if elected. That’s when you’ll know that for them, regardless of the nominees, the ulterior motive is what’s good for their party and not at all what’s best for ALL of you, despite your political affiliation.

Here’s a serious question worth considering:

Sunday, March 4, 2018

The Difference Between Democrats and Republicans...

When I talk to people across our District, as I’ve been doing for nearly a year, I don’t ask if they’re Democrat, or Republican, or even if they’re Independent. I simply introduce myself and say that I am an Independent, and wa-la! wonderful conversations just happen! And, remarkably, of all the people I’ve met and talked with since I started campaigning, not a single person has disagreed with me; no one hasn’t been able to wrap his or her head around my simple, common-sense platform of Congressional reform, to include term limits and reductions in compensation, and a more limited Federal government - stricter interpretations of states’ rights as described in the Tenth Amendment.

When I’m finished speaking with someone or a group of people, I still don’t know who were Democrats or Republicans or Independents. Party affiliation never comes up in conversations. And that just goes to show me that here in Georgia’s Seventh District, and likely all across America, away from the elitist big mouths, there is no difference between registered Democrats and Republicans (or even us Independents).

Regardless of our political labels, from Cumming to Snellville and from Dacula to Peachtree Corners, and everywhere in between, we’re friends, neighbors, colleagues and customers… and we get along just fine with each other without the polarizing noise the elite Dems and GOP “leaders” relentlessly try to push on to us, including the most annoying aspect of it all when those “leaders” and their lock-step lackeys tell us they’re “working hard for the American people.”

No, they’re not.